Tenbury Transport Trust
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Registered Charity No. 1155845

Do you have time to help others in our community?  As a volunteer driver you can make such a difference, whilst being able to fit this in with your existing commitments.  Please contact our office for more details.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any age limits?                                                

No, provided you meet the requirements of the charity.  Get in touch with our office for clarification - see Contact Us page.

How much booking notice do you require?                             

Normally 48 hours minimum (two working days).

How far will you take people?                                                    

Within Tenbury Wells and the Teme Valley area, but longer journeys may be possible by negotiation.

Do you operate like a taxi service?  

No.  We only take people who cannot travel by taxi for these kinds of reasons: disability, need help to the car and into hospitals etc., require a driver to wait at a doctor’s surgery or hospital - often for undefined lengths of time, have limited means and, finally, do not have access to a car of their own or a friend's and where public transport is unavailable or unsuitable.

Can I visit relatives or be taken to a holiday destination?      

Yes, provided you fit within the profile detailed in the question above.

Do you operate at weekends or evening/night time?              

Not normally, but we will consider special cases.

Do you charge if I wish to take a friend with me?                                   

An escort, relative or carer may travel free, but we reserve the right to charge for occasions where extra mileage is involved.

What are your charging arrangements?                                     

All car drivers are volunteers and reimbursed at the rate of £0.45 per mile.  Client’s fares are set approximately in line with this: as a charity we aim to break even.  We expect clients to pay the drivers by cash at the end of a journey.  We have a concession for Worcestershire car parks (hospitals etc.) but not for Worcester city centre or in other counties.  A client is responsible for any car parking charges incurred.

Do you take wheelchairs?                                                             

For cars, it depends on the driver and the space they have available - in most cases it is possible.  All of our minibuses have tail lifts so that a client may be transported whilst occupying a wheelchair.  In both cases the office should be informed at the time of booking.